Chile With Kids: What to pack for Patagonia & The Lake District

Packing List Patagonia
Photo credit: Explora Patagonia

As our family trip to Chile draws closer and our travel plans are (almost!) in place, my thoughts have turned to the tedious task of packing. Given that we live in shorts and t-shirts all year round in Panama, packing for Patagonia and the hilly Lake District in southern Chile actually warrants some proper planning.

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The Plan

Packing List Patagonia
Photo credit: Explora Patagonia

For the first week I shall be travelling solo to Patagonia, staying at the incredible Explora Patagonia. For the second week I will join my husband and two kids in Santiago. From there we’ll head south again to Chile’s ‘Lake District’.

The Weather in Patagonia

Packing List Patagonia
Photo credit: Explora Patagonia

If you google ‘Patagonia weather’ you’ll find it’s often described as ‘four seasons in one day’. Temperatures range from 0-22°C / 32-72°F, rain is expected at any time of the year, giving way to snow during the winter months. The average wind speed is around 15-20km/hr but it can reach a biting 120km/hr in the summer months, making it feel up to 6°C / 30°F cooler than what it really is.

The Weather in Chile’s Lake District

The weather in Chile’s Lake District is similar to the Northwest Pacific coast in the US and much of Northern England and Scotland. Summers are pleasant, yet still a little unpredictable, and the winter months bring snow.

What to Pack for Patagonia

Based on weeks of research and the helpful packing list that Explora shares with their guests, this is what we’ll be taking. Note that this list would work just as well for the Scottish highlands, southern Alaska or indeed most destinations with an erratic climate!

For Her

Chile: What to pack for Patagonia via @farflunglands

On Your Head: Baseball Hat | Warm Hat

Given the weather extremes it’s a good idea to bring both a waterproof baseball hat for the rain/sun, and a polar or wool hat like this Cashmere hat for colder and windier days.

For Your Body: Hiking Clothing: T-shirt | Hiking leggings/trousers | Fleece | Gore-tex Jacket | Down Jacket

Add a fun T-Shirt like this one, Let’s Go On An Adventure, to your trekking uniform.

Under Armour Women’s ColdGear Infrared EVO leggings are ideal for temperatures between 0° and 55° F

A lot of hiking trousers/pants double up as shorts (zip off the bottoms) but I personally prefer the roll-up variety such as this ExOffico pair which also come with a handy zippered security pocket in the right leg

I tried this North Face fleece on the other day. Although it is thin and as light as a feather it is gloriously snug and warm. The hood is tight and the neck gaiter effective. Ideal for wearing under a bulky coat.

A waterproof coat is a must! I will take my Berghaus Goretex Jacket (with roll away hood) as I like its long length. Plus it’s guaranteed to keep me warm and dry.

I have a Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket which I love because it weighs nothing, can be rolled into the bottom of a backpack and is incredibly warm under a waterproof layer.

Gloves: Liner gloves | Windstopper gloves

Explora recommend bringing liner gloves as well as a regular pair.  I’ll be taking these Ultra-thin Performance Liner gloves and these GORE Bike Wear Windstopper gloves.

Feet: Hiking socks | Hiking boots

Good quality hiking socks such as these Merino ones are crucial, as are a decent pair of hiking boots. I’ve always loved the UK brand, Brasher although I believe they have recently joined forces with Berghaus, another one of my favourite brands.

Other accessories: Neck gaiter | Sunglasses | Sunscreen | Sports bra | Compeed | Small back pack (25L) 

To avoid any chills creeping in, I’ll pack a neck warmer.

And of course sunglasses are essential.

My favourite suncream is Avène, which is particularly good for sensitive skin.

If you plan on horse riding, or just stepping it out, don’t forget your sports bras, ladies!

Nothing ruins a walking holiday like a blister can. I always pack some blister plasters and carry a stick of Compeed just in case.

If you are carrying expensive camera equipment you’ll need a waterproof (note: not just water resistant) backpack like this Mountain Hardwear Scrambler one.

*Explora provides guests with trekking poles and riding helmets / riding gaiters for horse riding.

For Kids

What to pack for a hiking trip - for kids! via @farflunglands

Hiking clothes: Tshirt | Trekking pants | Berghaus Parka | Sweatshirt | Balaclava

Let’s be honest, you can take the kids almost anywhere as long as they have the right gear (there’s nothing worse than cold kids!). So this is what I’m packing for my two children for our trip to Chile’s Lake District.

This may be a little extreme for Chile’s Lake District but these Kids Thermal Fleece Balaclavas look so snug!

And this The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go T-Shirt for kids seems very apt.

These Columbia trekking pants with zip-off shorts for girls and for boys may not be the most attractive of trousers but you have to admit, they are really practical.

These Berghaus Parka for girls and Berghaus Parka for boys are toasty and cute, and perfect for little explorers.

This cheery yellow surf hoody caught my eye on

Feet: Socks | Hiking boots

The kids will also need good hiking shoes so you might want to invest in these Hi-Tec Kids Unisex Junior Hiking Boots and these Spyder Bug Out Socks.

Other Accessories: Weather Cream | Backpack | Sunglasses | Snacks

When my kids were babies a friend of mine gave me a tube of Weleda Weather Protection Cream and it is the stuff of miracles! My son’s ‘moustache’ area often gets very raw in drier climates. I’m not sure whether this is an allergy thing or an adaptation thing (we’ve always lived in very humid climates) but what I can tell you is that this cream always, always helps it!

A good backpack such as this one from Jack Wolfskin Kids will be handy both on the plane and on the trail.

My kids don’t often wear Sunglasses but I feel it’s time I cracked down on that that given how strong the sun can get in these parts.

Lastly, don’t forget the bribes, incentives! Nuts & Chocolate Trail Mix ought to do the trick on the trekking trail.

Packing List Patagonia
We Love our Berghaus Coats!

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