Cuba For Families: Best books, apps, movies, music & websites


Cuba books, apps, movies, music & websites



If you’re?planning to visit?Cuba?any time soon, here some ideas to help prepare you for your trip and to offer some travel?inspiration for whole family. We found these apps and books a great way to get excited about our trip and we’ve since discovered a number of excellent?movies and music that will get?you in the Cuba mood!



Cuba Books: What to read

book 1 book 2 book 3 book 4 book 5 book 6


Books on Cuba For Kids

5-8 year olds (Grade Level Preschool – Grade 2)

book 7 book 9


7-9?year olds (Grade Level 2-4)

book 10


9-12 years (Grade Level 4-7)

book 8

12+ years (Grade Level 7+)

book 11 book 12 book 13


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Cuba Apps

In a country with?limited?access to the internet,?Cuba can be a challenge to navigate. The following apps are designed for offline use and to?make your trip that much easier.?Remember to download them?before your departure date!? (FREE)

Cuba books, apps, movies, music & websites: map app


An road atlas map (think offline google maps) which can be used without an internet connection. Especially handy if you are renting a car and driving yourself. We tested this out in Cuba and it worked really well for us.

Download the app on?


Cuba Junky ($4.99)

This app provides information on hundreds of casas particulares?that rent rooms, suites or apartments. The?directory includes photos and contact details (telephone numbers, email addresses, Facebook pages and website links, where applicable) so users can book directly.?The app is also designed for offline use.


Cuba books, apps, movies, music & websites: casa junky app

Casa owners pay no commission to Cuba Junky, nor do they pay to have their casa listed. The app costs USD $5, which is what third parties usually charge as a booking fee per casa per night.


Cuba books, apps, movies, music & websites: casa junky


A friend of mine recently used this app when she travelled around Cuba?with her kids and loved it. As I booked our accommodation through an agent I was not able to test it out personally.

The app?is made by Cuba Junky?(a handy?online guide to Cuba – see useful websites below).

Download the app on?Cuba Junky’s?website


Cuba Movies?


Papa: Hemingway in Cuba (2016)

Having visited ?Finca Vigia?, Ernest Hemingway?s home in Havana (now a museum) I was initially excited to hear about this movie. Based on a true story about a young journalist who befriends Hemingway at a time of Castro?s uprising, it is the first Hollywood film to shoot on location in Cuba since the 1959 revolution.



However, after researching the film a little further I’m sorry?to say that it was?a box office dud!??The Guardian describes it as a “mortifying embarrassment” and Rolling Stone ‘overripe’. Shame!

But?if you are planning?on visiting Finca Vigia it may be worth watching. As The New York Times?noted, “Papa: Hemingway in Cuba?is more artifact than art …. It bristles with authentic detail, down to the very typewriter Hemingway used.”. Basically the actors get to play with?all the ‘props’ that visitors?long to reach out for and examine?themselves, like the famous typewriter!

Rated R: Restricted?(Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian) for profanity, violence and brief nudity.


Strawberry & Chocolate / Fresa y Chocolate?(1994)


One of our favourite restaurants in Havana was La?Guarida.?This magnificant yet crumbling paladar?was used as a location?in?this Oscar-nominated Cuban film. The story is about a blossoming friendship between two men – one gay individualist and one straight communist – and how they come to love each other.

Rated R: Restricted (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)?for brief strong sexuality, and for language


Our Man in Havana (1959)


Based on the Graham Greene novel (see Cuba books above) and shot on location in Cuba, Alec Guinness plays Jim Wormold, an British vacuum cleaner salesman in pre-revoluntionary Havana who agrees to recruit a network of agents for MI6. Wormold fabricates?a list of agents and provides fictional tales?to please his superiors in London. Not surprisingly, things start getting out of hand with comical consequences.

Rating: UK: A (original rating) / UK:PG (re-rating) (2005)


Buena Vista Social Club: The Documentary (1999)


In 1997 American musician, Ry Cooder, brought together a group of legendary Cuban musicians to record an album together (see?Cuban Music below). This Oscar-nominated documentary follows Cooder’s?journey as he finds the ‘lost’ music of pre-revoluntionary?Havana. In addition to the extraordinary music, the film also?offers an insight into the musicians’?lives pre and post Castro through interviews.

Rating UK:U (Universal) / USA:G (General Audiences. All ages admitted).


Cuba Music


Buena Vista Social Club: The Album

Buena Vista Social Club:?This Grammy award winning album is the end product of Ry Cooder’s mission to showcase Cuba’s finest musicians.?(see documentary above).


Benny Mor?

Benny Mor?: One of Cuba’s most highly regarded musicians, Benny Mor? is to Cuba what Frank Sinatra was, and is, to America.?Mor? also formed and led the Banda Gigante, one of the leading Cuban big bands of the 1950s, until his death in 1963.


Cafe Cuba

Cafe Cuba: A medley of Cuban classics.



Useful Websites for Cuba

Cuba Junky😕Travel Information and Reviews specific to Cuba

La Habana:?A?guide to Cuban arts & culture, travel and national heritage. Includes reviews and insightful articles.

Here is Havana: An amusing blog written by an American journalist in Havana


Our pick of the best Books, Apps, Movies & Music to get you in?the #Cuba mood!?#FamilyTravel Click To Tweet

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