Terms and Conditions

Please read the following carefully

Customers Account information and Registration

Customers have to give the correct information about their business. In order to register for Far-Flung Lands, the customers must be a retailer whom is in possession of a Seller’s Permit. If not, Far-Flung Lands has the right to prohibit the customer to visit farflunglands.com. When Far-Flung Lands requests proof, such as a copy of the retail license, the retailer is responsible to fax or e-mail the requested information to Far-Flung Lands.

Offering Service

Far-Flung Lands is simple. We make everything easy for the retailers. You log-in at farflunglands.com, choose the merchandise of interest, and check out. When the order is completed, we put your merchandise in one box and ship it to you. It’s easy! You only deal with us when you have damaged items, questions about specific items, or have any other favors to ask.

Payment Method: Credit card

We process your credit card here at farflunglands.com. and we do not share any information with the third party. Your safety is really important to us so we don’t keep retailer’s credit card information. We ask for the credit card authorization form after completing the order so we can minimize on credit card fraud. Once the transaction is completed, they will keep the information regarding the transaction and Far-Flung Lands uses that information when needed.

Product Descriptions

Far-Flung Lands works hard to be as accurate as possible with the products and merchandise we carry. However, Far-Flung Lands cannot guarantee 100% the product descriptions or other contents related to the products. It is possible that there may be some errors. If you have any specific questions or found a mistake or error on our website, please do not hesitate to call our customer service team for details.

Copy Rights

All contents included on Far-Flung Lands, such as texts, graphics, logos, images, digital downloads, data compilations, and software is the property of Far-Flung Lands. Also, it is protected by United States copyright laws.

Applicable Law

Online customers visiting Far-Flung Lands agrees that these terms of use will be governed by the laws of the State of California if, or when, any dispute occurs between the customer and Far-Flung Lands.